The iRock: The rocking chair that also charges your iDevices

Remember those old days when you visited your grandparents in the old family home, and fought with all your cousins for a turn on that huge rocking chair. What was once a fond memory can now be part of your modern reality! Check out the iRock from Zürich’s Micasa Lab, the first-ever power-generating rocking chair. The idea is that as long as you are rocking in the chair, your attached iDevice will be charged at the same time. There is something soothing about the fact that your own energy is going into charging your device. The iRock is basically an updated version of the traditional rocking chair, equipped with an iPad dock and sound station. Your rocking movement not only charges the device, but also powers the speakers that are built into the chair’s backrest. It is fitted with a small generator in the back which harnesses the kinetic energy. The makers claim that one hour of rocking can charge your iPad 3 up to 35%. It comes with its own arm-mounted iPad dock so that you can enjoy videos, movies and games, all while rocking!

The iRock from Micasa Lab is handcrafted out of durable Swedish oak, and is finished with five layers of paint for a glossy look. It is available in five beautiful, vibrant colors – Black, Green, Blue, Pink and White. Of course, this chair doesn’t come cheap, and will set you back around $1300.

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