The Smart Floor by IBM can detect intruders and also save your life!

Just when you think some things can’t get better, or can’t be improved, modern scientists tell us that they can. Did you ever think you would be able to walk on a floor, which can save your life! The brilliance of the people over at IBM has made this possible. Technology firm IBM has been granted a U.S. patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for a multi-touch “smart floor” that can detect home intruders and even call “911″ when you’ve fallen down! How it works is the multi-touch floor is embedded with numerous sensors to identify the shapes, weights, and locations of objects that are in contact with it. This genius of a floor can sense whether a person who enters a home is a registered and authorized person, like the homeowner, or an unidentified person, such as a burglar. Most useful is the feature whereby the sensors in the multi-touch floor could detect if an elderly person has been lying on the floor in a prone position for an unusual period of time, due to a fall or heart attack, and automatically call 911.

The IBM Smart Floor can be put many more uses, once its full potential is realized. There is no indication of when IBM plans to put this floor into production and how much they would cost if it did.

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