The Waffle and Syrup Sheets with fruit pillows by Bfiberandcraft

Why do the fans of Hello Kitty or Spongebob get to have all the fun? If it is food that you love the most, you should be able to show it proudly. Being a sweet tooth myself, I do sometimes feel the urge to just jump in and drown myself in the large portion of cake or pudding I am devouring at that time. And the Waffle and Syrup Sheets by Bfiberandcraft might be the closest I’ll ever get to it. The set includes one waffle-patterned size fitted cotton sheet, and one syrup-colored top sheet. These sheets are hand-dyed, and made to order. So all you have to do is send them the measurements of your mattress, and you will have one custom waffle sheet just for you! If you are a true waffle-lover, you will know that no waffle is complete without a whole pile of fruits to go with it. You can also add on 4 different types of fruit pillows – Kiwi, Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry. These are not included in the set, but can be ordered separately.

Ensure sweet sweet dreams with the Waffle and Syrup Sheets by Bfiberandcraft for just $150. The optional pillows come at a rate of $40 for Kiwi, $30 for Strawberry, $25 for Banana and $20 for Blueberry.

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