Valentines Spicy Hot Shots by Spabettie are the perfect vegan Valentine’s Day treat

Feel like doing something extra special for this Valentine’s Day? Are you having a party for all your vegan friends, and want a really stand out piece? Spabettie shows you exactly how to go about it, with her Valentines Spicy Hot Shots. These super-sexy hot pink shots just scream Valentine’s Day. And to top it all off, it’s completely vegan! The shot glasses themselves are made with Non dairy, vegan white chocolate, and that brilliant pink color is just all natural beetroot juice. The shot glasses are filled with pepper-infused Hot Monkey Vodka. It is topped off with some non-dairy rice whip. The result is the most stunning looking treat.

For the brave of heart willing to actually try it out at home, click on the link to view the full recipe. Once you have mastered it, it will be easy to fill it with all sorts of different flavors to give it your own twist.

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