‘XXXitchen’ to spice up your life


Ladies, here are some kinky toys (actually, utensils) that promise to help you have some fun not just in your bedroom but also in your kitchen. Getting those naughty thoughts while cooking for your man? Then have a look at the kinky ‘XXXitchen’, range of kitchenware and gadgets by designer Raffaele Iannello of the voodoo knife fame. These objects come with sensual and elongated suggestive forms that are aimed at spicing up things for all. Be it a boring housewife or a workaholic single chic, absolutely anyone can have some fun with these kinky utensils. The unique line includes citrus press, a pepper mill, a door paper towel, a brush to wash dishes and jars in various shapes and sizes- with a dual purpose.

As long as you manage to get the dinner ready on time, these utensils are definitely great for both fun and cooking.
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