Sparkup – The Magical Book Reader for kids

In the changing era, kids are drifting from the basic methods of learning. There are tons of products in the market like Android tablets, Smartphones, Cameras, which attract them towards the gadget world. However, its important to keep them rooted to traditional reading, maybe with a little help from technology. Sometimes parents don’t have the time to repeat the child’s favorite story again and again. To make your life simpler, you can use the Sparkup Magical Book Reader. It is a device, which clips onto books and lets you record the audio for each page, so that your children can hear you reading it to them as they flick through the pages on their own. Users simply attach the device to a book, and read it once into the microphone. This means younger readers can hear the recording later by reattaching the reader and flipping through the pages of the book.

The reader uses image recognition technology, which enables the device to store highly compressed image data of book covers and pages, so that they can be recognized later, and corresponding voice clips played via a speaker. Each page of your child’s favorite book is recognized independently, it doesn’t matter whether little-ones “read” the pages of the book in the right order, the correct audio will always be played.

Sparkup Magical Book Reader has enough memory to store 250 minutes of audio, which is said to be good for about 50 children’s books. It will be launched by end of July for $50.

[Via – Goodereader]

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