The Baby with Attitude Pacifier: Watchu looking at!

What do you mean you have my nose? Cootchie coo yourself you piece of @$#&!! I can’t prove it, but I am pretty sure those were the words running through my head when I was a baby, every time an annoying passerby decided to force themselves and their inane gibberish babbling on me. If only there was just some way for babies tortured by incessant baby talk to express their displeasure. Thank god for the Baby with Attitude Pacifier – there is no mistaking what this one is thinking in its head! It is a cute little Silicone orthodontic nipple with a movable tongue in the front. The irreverently stuck out tongue reminds us of every annoying kid in the neighborhood growing up. It will delight both kids and adults, and make you giggle at the tiny toddler with an attitude problem.

The Baby with Attitude Pacifier is the perfect gift for your little niece or nephew, who you wish grows up to become a little devil (just like you). It is available for purchase at Neatoshop, and retails for just $7.

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[Available at Neatoshop]

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