Anti technology phone is any technophobe’s delight

In a world full of smart phones, a phone that is lights years behind technology wise is a refreshing change in a strange way. Some of us simply have no use for a phone except for the primary function of making a call. Entertainment and the Internet and other things can be sought from another source. So if you are either not into technology or a senior citizen, then ‘John’s Phone’ is right up your alley. It is touted as the world’s simplest phone and is designed simply for making calls and nothing more. It is so basic, that there is no screen on the phone. You will only find numbers along with Hello and Bye keys. It is certainly going to be a big hit with technophobes. It aims at keeping things simple as there is nothing complicated about it in the least bit. There’s no way you can be connected to your social life and emails with it. It is available for $106. It could prove useful for very young kids as well.