Esquire Handbags grabs your attention when the phone rings

There is always a flip side to every good thing. Take the case of this interesting sensor device, when it is fitted into a handbag it will make sure that you come to know every time you get an incoming call on your cell with its vibration and flashing LED light. For people like my mother who are blissfully unaware of her ringing phone (kept in the purse… of course) and here I am frantically trying to get in touch with her! Now for people like her it is a boon. But when it comes to people like me…sometimes I wish I could burry my ringing phone somewhere. Especially when it intrudes on my family time. If you belong to the first category, then rejoice. Esquire has this sensor device in its handbag. And even if you take you own bag to them, they will add one to it for a fee.

Here is how this freaky thing works; “Regardless of whether you set a lamp mode or vibration mode on a cell phone, the hand bag makes vibration warning 3 times as strong as that of the conventional cell phone. So, you will never miss the call. It features a special sensor which detects mobile phone signals, vibration motor, and LED lamp.” Get your Esquire bag; you “never miss a phone call type ladies!”

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