Flixel iPhone app is a bridge between still images and video


The Flixel iPhone app is like a gray area between photos and videos, as it helps create moving images with speed and ease. The Toronto-based company Flixel Photos was started by co-founders Philippe LeBlanc and Mark Homza who were lovers of Cinemagraphs-, which are photographs in motion created by artfully isolating certain movements. Then Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck came into the picture, to provide momentum to the cinemagraph process by trademarking the visual graphics. The cross between photography and video is attained by capturing moments with still and video equipment, then editing using Adobe after Effects and Photoshop that goes as a GIF file. The process is pretty simple- Download the app, take a photo and make a portion of that picture come to life with a few swipes of a fingertip.

Flixel achieves the aesthetics that you’d generally notice in Instagram or Hipstamatic, minus the lengthy steps of procedures in the former applications. The app also has a tab that lets users see the most loved Flixels of the week. Apple Apps Store has the newly updated (Wednesday) version of the Flixel app, which is most compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S.

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[Available at iTunes via Mashable]

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