The Gun Grip Case iPhone 5 Cover turns your iPhone into a scary gun

We have seen some pretty wacky iPhone covers, ones that are almost optical illusions. For instance, this Coffee Cup iPhone Case will fool anyone at the first glance. The iPhone is pretty adept at accomplishing most tasks. However, it may fall short of establishing your gangsta’ status with the neighborhood peeps. We have the perfect solution – the Gun Grip Case iPhone 5 Cover. The exciting cover actually turns your iPhone into a handgun, of sorts. Not only does it give you a cute and unique way to hold your gun, this handy covers even comes with its own app. Downloading the app lets you interact with a gun of the same color as your cover on the screen of your phone. Scare the shit out of people by making loud shooting noises behind them while holding something that looks suspiciously like a pistol. Hilarious! The only thing this gun doesn’t do – actually shoot people. That’s a shame. I would have gotten it in a heartbeat. This cover is compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

The Gun Grip Case iPhone 5 Cover is available for purchase at Japan Trend Shop. It comes in three colors – Black, White, and Pink. The scary iPhone case will cost you just $40.

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