iPhone 5 decked with 24kt gold and Swarovski


The iPhone 5 has become a must have for all apple lovers. But why buy a product that is run-of-the-mill? And if you are looking to use it to show off your good tastes, hiding it in a gold cover won’t help you too far. Instead, why not go for the real thing in gold itself? Vietnamese brand Digilux which has its shop on Thai Ha street, Hanoi has brought out luxury gold and Swarovski crystal encrusted versions that will wow anyone who sets sights on it. The Swarovski “diamond” handset features 500 high-end diamond Swarovski studded around the gold iPhone 5 frame. Priced at around $1,450, the phone’s chassis is done up in 24-carat gold (barring the ports and the button, of course). The phone has been imported from UK, and seems to be available to clients in Vietnam only, for now.

For those who wish for a little less bling, you can settle for a 24-carat gold, or 18-carat rose gold version sans the precious stones instead. The 24-carat version will sport a diamond studded home button on the front. All three version will come in two gold plating thickness values, 3 micron and 6 micron.Price for the 3 micron iPhone 5 with Swarovski Diamonds is $1,450, while the 6 micron version is worth $1,950. The 3 micron iPhone 5 in 24-carat gold and 18-carat rose gold is $960, while the 6 micron version is worth $1,450.