iPhone Cordless handset allows users indoor communication

It seems a bit ironical that in a world of superior technology, the telephone models of the 30’s are making a serious comeback. We have recently posted about the iPhone landline phone and the Tweephone rotary phone that were designed to provide convenience to users while making use of the functionality of the iPhone. There is yet another one in the market that is vying to emulate the 30’s model with iPhone usage. The iPhone Cordless Handset by letting you synchronize your iPhone with the base of the cordless allowing you to navigate iPhone’s applications such as calendars, e-mail as well as the internet. The iPhone connects to the base via Bluetooth and the cordless handset communicates with the base via DECT 6.0 wireless technology from up to 160’ indoors.
The handset receives and places calls alongside recalling up to 30 received calls and recording up to 50 phone numbers (insufficient), all of which are displayed on the LCD screen. The iPhone Cordless handset is compatible with all iPhone models and retails for $160 on Hammacher website.