iPhone pepper spray case saves your precious gadget from theft


It’s late at night and you’re returning home from a friend’s house party. The tram is almost empty with a couple of grumpy looking passengers eyeing you from time to time. They could be eyeing you or your iPhone, we don’t really know. But if your beloved gadget is their target, then you need a safeguard against them. The SmartGuard iPhone case is an accessory designed to hold a canister of pepper spray comes in handy in a situation like this.

The SmartGuard iPhone case is designed in such a way that you can answer a call and spray that vicious liquid onto the offenders face in a smooth blow. But make sure you don’t end up using the damn thing in a friendly tussle with your sibling. You can buy your case for $50 from the Guardian-Angel website.

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[Available at Guardian Angel via Dvice]

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