Kyocera Honey Bee is the world’s fastest Android Smartphone with ugly looks

You can consider Kyocera to be quite the underdog for lying low all those years and suddenly emerging with a bang. They seem to have turned quite a few heads in the overseas markets by unveiling a new version of the Kyocera Honey Bee, which has been loitering around for no good since Q3 2011. It definitely looks like an eyesore in that unbearable hot pink, so do all Kyocera phones. What really did the trick for them is the Renesas (only in Japan) APE5R chip that has two ARM cortex A9 processors, with a powerhouse of 1.2GHz and a pair of PowerVR SGX543 GPU’s which gives it a real thunder burst.

Unfortunately, the Kyocera Honey Bee Smartphone will only be available in Japan. Incorporating such a powerful chipset in the phone is definitely a harbinger to all the new chipsets arriving in the year 2012.

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