Live the “good” old days with these Vintage Condom Vending Machine iPhone Cases

There is nothing quite as cool as retro. If you are a fan of all things vintage, you will love these Vintage Condom Vending Machine iPhone Cases. Though condom machines are not traditionally thought of when talking about vintage, you have to admit they are pretty cool. They make for a really arresting sight, with their kinky images on the back. The maker goes about creating these covers by designing his own graphic images and printing them in his home studio. These original images are then adhered to the case via a unique printing method that allows them to permanently instill the image into a thin aluminum insert, which is then attached onto the back of the molded plastic case. This insert is permanently attached to the case. These vintage Condom machine iPhone covers are available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. If you are old enough to remember these condom machines, revel in the memories of a time long past. If you are too young to recognize them, have fun ogling at the old-timie hotties on the back of your phone.

The Vintage Condom Vending Machine iPhone Cases features a snap on design which makes it easy to put on and take off. The covers enable easy access to all the switches and ports. It is available in three versions – black, white, and clear. This wonderfully nostalgic cover retails for just $16.

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[Available at: Etsy]