Mashimaro M808 cell phone comes with a rabbit sitting on a pot!

For me a rabbit is just a cute little farm pet, but to the Chinese it has been a mainstay of mythology for centuries. Although in Korea, the original Mashimaro (rabbit) cartoons are full of toilet humour and some of this is also to be found in the Mashimaro M808. The makers of Mashimaro M808 have epitomized this character in their latest creation. Sporting an orange fruit, the Mashimaro themed cell phone supports MP3, MPEG4, T-Flash for memory expansion & video recording through its 1 Megapixel camera. Sporting a 1.5”TFT LCD display screen, it also integrates EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Routine features like alarm clock, world clock, calendar, calculator, currency converter, memo, PC sync, photo album, photo editor, wallpaper and 3 games are all a part of this rabbit themed cell.

Rendering up to 150 hours of standby time and up to 2 hours of talk time, it supports the GSM Dualband (900/1800MHz). Pearl white casing with matching red belted line and a specially designed toilet for charging the battery will appeal to all the Mashimaro fans. Hopping into the stores on 1st day of the valentine month, this Mashimaro M808 is tagged at $ 115 (900 Yuan).


  1. Andy Choe says:

    where can i get this phone if we live in California will it come to our stores too or no
    because i want to buy one once it comes out
    and that phone looks soo cool

  2. Trammie says:

    i wana get this phone tooooooo =]

  3. merry ernawati says:

    Can’t you tell me where to buy mobile phone mashimaro M808.
    Please send me back thanks…

  4. Meimay`Bearr says:

    I’m suUuper getting this phone when I get money. Weee`;))!. I’m suUuper getting this phone when I get money. Weee`;))!.

  5. Naomi says:

    Please let me know how to buy this phone!!!
    I love Mashi Maro

  6. chu says:

    mashimaro is the best! i cant wait to be able to buy one in california. please tell me how to buy it