Motorola RAZR V3 – Swarovski studded Hello Kitty style

Just when I was battling the color pink overdose, this unique Motorola RAZR V3 popped up. The phone is crusted with Swarovski and bears the ever popular design of Hello Kitty. Needless to say it looks damn cute and you will definately want to lay your hands on one. But hold on babe, all this genuine Swarovski bling does not come cheap and though the price is not known it will surely burn a deep hole in your pocket.



  1. flora von Zitzewitz says:

    i want a phone like that

  2. Kaylie says:

    cute! but you can just buy bling stuff and covers to go on your better techno fones..:D x x x but stil….CUTE!

  3. Jenniferbrown8 says:

    im gonna get this phone tomorrow

  4. baymania says:

    Excelentes productos de hello kitty