New Modai concept cell phone is cute, useful and quite a style statement

If you haven’t seen this Modai cell phone yet, you’re in for a surprise. It’s sleek, compact and so useful you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Firstly it has a Fundai network that is for work related content and Prodai that’s a social related network. This means your life gets organised from the minute you start using this nifty device. Besides easy switching between the two networks you will also get useful tips and information that is contextualized and relevant to you. So you can get bus schedules, lunch specials all through a simple click. But the best feature is its Behaviour Learning capabilities. This means that if you’ve overslept the phone will automatically switch the alarms and make sure you wake up and get to where you need to be with the help of GPS.

The Peelstand is another feature you will be thankful for. When on silent, the back will peel off slightly to indicate a call or message. Its multi-wired embedded Stantroprene Stand allows the back to come off on its own. There’s a lot more including customized widgets and other applications that can help you get more organised and efficient. Don’t forget to see the pictures to get a better understanding of this fascinating device.


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