Nikon WU-1a adaptor lets you shoot videos from your Android phone

When we heard about the WU-1a Wireless Adapter being released at the same time as Nikon’s D3200, we weren’t falling off our chairs as we’d seen many adaptors in the past. However, when we took a closer look, we realized that this adaptor packs a bundle of joy with its unmatched features. The WU-1a not only allows you to transfer photos from your camera directly to your computer or Smartphone, but it also functions the other way round. Nikon users who decide to peg up the $60 that they’d put on the adaptor, will also be able to use their Android phone as a live view for the camera and also make use of the app to control the shutter release.

That’s not just it, about the Nikon WU-1a adaptor. There’s even a ‘browser’ interface offered by the adaptor to sift through your photos and pick which ones to update in which location. The only shortcoming with the device is the non-compatibility to iOS devices, but even that, would be taken care of, as Nikon has announced that support would be coming in the next season. As of now, it works only with the D3200, so a firmware update to expand compatibility should do the trick for you.

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