Nokia N76 is an eye-catching device

Friends, its time you move over camera phones as multimedia mobiles have emerged as a major trend in the cellular world. Carriers are pushing hard to roll out new streaming services to complement their phones and the handset makers themselves are integrating more advanced multimedia features into the devices. But perhaps Nokia has most pushed the envelope of this genre with this latest N 76. The Nokia N76 is a perfect blend of style and substance. This latest addition to the Nokia Nseries portfolio brings a wide range of multimedia experiences to consumers, enabling them to create, consume and connect, using music, videos, images and the internet.

Holding up to 1500 tracks, the N76 works with industry standard 3.5 mm headphones and supports the popular Windows Media DRM for optimal use. Viewing the 2.4-inch, up to 16 million color screen in landscape mode brings a familiar feel to surfing the web on a mobile. You can navigate web pages quickly and easily with the Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map and enjoy easy access to popular internet services like Flickr and Amazon for searching, shopping or sharing. The N76 integrates a 2.0-megapixel (1600 x 1200 px) camera to capture, zoom and review pictures. Offering tools to edit either on the go or transfer them to a compatible PC, the N76 comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. With up to 2 GB of expandable memory, you have ample of storage for high-quality multimedia. This ‘master of all’ is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of 2007 with an estimated price tag of about (390 euros) $500.

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