Owle Bubo turns your iPhone into a road ready camcorder


It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned an iPhone accessory, so that time has come again. Check out this pretty cool iPhone mount in town that the designers call the Owle Bubo. It’s speciality is that it instantly upgrades your iPhone’s on-board audio and video capabilities with a 37mm wide-angle/macro lens combo and a forward pointing microphone. Also, the microphone boosts sound by connecting through your iPhone’s headphone jack. If what you want is a portable camcorder, this mount will definitely turn your iPhone into one. It comes with two hand grips and equipped with all of the necessary screw-mounts on every corner for attaching a tripod or battery powered lighting accessory using the center thread. If looks are a concern to you, don’t worry as this one is very sleek. You can get it for $130 along with a silicone case to protect your iPhone and the 37mm lens and microphone.

Via – [Newlaunches]