RingMeMaybe App generates disposable phone numbers


One of the most awkward situations in a pub is giving out your number to a hot guy? You want to hang out with him, while you are a bit tipsy but maybe not after a week or so. Here, comes to the rescue: The RingMeMaybe App. One of the coolest apps, I’ve come across in a long time, this app can generate a real new phone number within seconds, that expire after one week. RingMeMaybe works over VoIP, and you can have multiple disposable numbers at one time. You can also tag each number with the reason you’re using it, so you know who’s calling you and why. And, after a week, those numbers vanish, although you can opt to delete a number at any time. However, if you need to keep a number for a longer period of time, don’t forget to add time, you can extend it as many weeks as you need.

RingMeMaybe is a perfect way to generate and manage several phone numbers and use them for different occasions: dating, classified apps, and even internet profiles. The app is available free on iTunes. Making and receiving calls is free, and you will get your first two disposable numbers for free, too. After that, it’s $0.99 to buy enough credits to get one new phone number for one week. Alternatively, you can choose to renew a number for a week for $0.99.

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[Available at Apple Via Chipchick]

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