Romo turns your smartphone into a mini robot

With the configuration and the number of applications loaded on our smartphones, it can easily qualify to run as a robot. Romotive acknowledged this idea and created a smart-phone powered robot. Kickstarter has taken up the funding of Romo that adds wheels and functions to your smartphone. The genius concept allows you to place your iPhone, iPod Touch, or any other smartphone on the robot and plug it into the headphone jack for power supply. Romo packs in a rechargeable Lithium battery, a USB charging cable and analog circuitry fitted with two motor outputs. Romo is designed to be perpetually upgraded by the addition of additional hardware modules and additional apps.

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If you can’t wait to download the software, you can get it from Android Market and iTunes Apps Store. It has introduced three apps for starters- RomoRemote, Romo Cart, and Drag and Drop Programmable Module. As for the functions, Romo lets you sends “Audio Shoutouts” and lets you play Mario Cart against your buddies. It takes it a step further to make it realistic by allowing you digital attacks on your opponents’ robots, cut the power off your friends robots, deflect bombs and reverse their controls. With all that freedom on the field, this could very well instigate you and your friend hurry into a wrestle!


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