Samsung Announces Martian Pink Galaxy Note II for South Korea

If the following words bring about a sense of déjà vu in you, we will understand. The fact is that Samsung has perfected its magic formula to keep its audiences interested in its products for the longest time possible. Last year, they released a pink color Samsung Galaxy Note just in time for Valentine’s Day, and this year they repeated it with their sequel – the Note II. They even did it with their tablet. They released a sexy new Garnet Red Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE tablet in time for V-Day. Unfortunately, the gorgeous new pink color Galaxy Note II was only available in Taiwan; until now that is! The people over at Samsung have announced that the Martian Pink colored Galaxy Note II will also be available in the South Korean market. This is in addition to the existing color choices of White, Titanium Grey, Amber Brown and Ruby Wine. Of course, the makeover is purely aesthetic. The Smartphone is exactly the same as before in terms of specifications.

The pink Samsung Galaxy Note II will be available in South Korea starting 22nd February. There is no word yet on when this cutesy color will make its way to the US and European markets. However, considering the trend its predecessors followed, you should expect it within the next few months.

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