Samsung Galaxy S3 shot photographs make an appearance

It all started when a Russian social network leaked a picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and later took it off to avoid controversy. But it turns out that it is probably more than just a rumor as Samsung has almost confirmed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Mobile World Congress in 2012. The leaked pictures contain some EXIF data of the phone (which can’t be trusted completely) wherein it appears as if S3 was being tested at the same time as the Galaxy S2’s camera was being tested. The model number spotted is GT-19500 and the camera seems to be capable of shooting 5 MP images.

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Other leaked specs of the phone include 5 touch sensitive keys on the bottom, 4G LTE connectivity and Ice Cream Sandwich OS with Touchwiz 5.0. It seems like a better idea to wait for some concrete details rather than rumors.

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  1. Converse Kids

    Samsung is now become a leading mobile making company. Samsung galaxy series is one of my favorite, both version of Samsung galaxy S was out standing and now people awaiting for Samsung galaxy S3 because the camera resolution is looking so clean with 5MP. Thanks for sharing. 

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