Sheepy: The adorable iPhone cover is shaped like a sheep

We have seen iPhone covers in all kinds of shapes and forms. If leopard, tiger and zebra prints were getting so famous, it was just a matter of time before someone came up with the sheep iPhone cover. This special cover, aptly named Sheepy the sheep iPhone cover, is not just sheep-skinned, but actually shaped like a sheep. Designed by simasima, this adorable sheep looks like it is hanging on for its dear life off the back of your iPhone. Intended to be primarily for a woman, Sheepy is really really soft, and feels like an actual sheep to the touch. Even though it looks like she is hanging on precariously by just the ends of her feet, she is quite stable. The four legs protrude a bit, which prevents the screen from touching any surface you might keep it down on. Sheepy’s head partially covers the lens, but is designed so that it can be moved to the side before taking a photo. Personally, I think Sheepy looks cuter with a tilted head anyway.

Simasima are planning to release Sheepy the sheep iPhone cover sometime in spring to coincide with the rush of new phones. There is not yet any word on how much it will cost.

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