The Smile from EmoPulse: The Smartphone bracelet that reads your moods

What is it – a Smartphone, a wristband, a fitness instructor, or just your best friend? Maybe, it’s all of the above! Check out The Smile, the world’s first smart phone you can wear like a bracelet, from EmoPulse. This ingenious device works by reading your moods and functions. Hence, it can tell if you are stressed or relaxed, it can tell you when you should get up and move or take a rest, it monitors your diet and your health, and even tells you when you need to go out and have a good time! It works even when you are sleeping, by controlling how awake you are as well as your sleep stages and your dream time. It will automatically change its display to a more subtle night-time version, and even hold incoming calls from telemarketers, by sending them straight to voicemail. It even changes your Facebook status to “sleeping”. It’s almost like the perfect personal assistant, one that lives on your wrist. Besides, the Smile can be used as an independent cell phone, used to send and receive emails, messages or videos, serves as your key to your smart locks and a virtual wallet with its NFC capabilities. Geeks, you will love this next feature. Rather than the boring Android man or woman, you can even set the avatar of the AI Program as a robot warrior, Zodiac Animals or Jedi master Yoda! There are so many different features to this amazing creation that they are hard to list here completely.

The Smile from EmoPulse is currently a project on Indiegogo looking to raise $300,000. A contribution of $300 gets you a 128GB version Black Smile, $380 gets you a 128GB version of a color of your choice, and $550 gets you a 256GB version.


[Available at Indiegogo Via Emopulse and Techmymoney]

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