Sony Ericsson goes live with its G705; a hot 3G-slider phone with Youtube uploads

I am a big fan of Sony Ericsson, especially when it comes to phones. I’ve been using one of their phones for the last 2 years with no complaints. Even, when mine got stolen, I went out and bought myself the same model again. So, it is only apt that I bring you the new G705 powerhouse, 3G slider by SE. Pardon me if I’m biased. All the rumors have turned into to facts and it is true that the phone has a 2.4-inch display with automatic screen rotation courtesy of an accelerometer, WiFi, a GPS with Google Maps for Mobile, 1GB included M2 memory, built-in FM radio, RSS reader, and full HTML browser. A novel feature of the phone is that it includes a 3.2-megapixel cam that can capture video and then upload directly to YouTube under a new partnership with Google. This sounds so convenient, especially for all those video bloggers who seemed to have emerged out of nowhere. It is a good feature for wannabe reporters, directors and actors too. Also, you will be happy to know that SE has taken its first plunge in this territory and announced a UMA variant (G705u), built exclusive for Orange to bridge GSM and WiFi networks.

Sony Ericsson’s G705’s Orange model will be available in the US market in the early 4th quarter of 2009.

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