The Elecom PlayGame Case for iPhone 5: Your phone’s back has never been this interesting

The new iPhone 5 has a lot of virtues, not the least of which is the wide variety of very addictive games available to download. However, constantly playing these games can get both repetitive and even drain your battery. There are times when you just need a good old fashioned analog game to while away the time. That’s where the Elecom PlayGame Case for iPhone 5 comes in. Not only is it protection for your delicate iPhone, it is also a portable game! The back of the cover features a built in analogue puzzle, everything from mazes to delicately maneuvering metal balls into shallow cups. You can choose from five different game styles – Blue Drop Ball, Green Sort Ball, Orange Maze, Yellow 15 Puzzle, and Pink Pachinko. These retro games had a charm of their own, and were just as addictive as their modern counterparts. You can spend hours playing on your phone, without making a dent on the battery life.

The Elecom PlayGame Case for iPhone 5 comes in five different vibrant colors, each of which is a different game style. Get bored of one game, no problem! Just slip on the next game, which will also give your iPhone 5 an exciting new look owing to the change in color. A new look for every day in the week! It is available for purchase at AC Gears, and will cost you just $39 per iPhone 5 Case.

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[Available at Acgears]

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