The iCat & iMouse Case Holder For Apple Power Adaptor

So you bought your spanking new iPhone and dressed it up in the coolest cover you could find. It’s a cool phone and all that, but have you ever spared a thought for the humble charger that breathes life into this device. Why not give it the same attention and care. Consider jazzing up our power adapter with this adorable iCat & iMouse Case Holder For Apple Power Adaptor. This cat and mouse shaped case for your Apple power adapter is the funniest thing we have seen in a long time. Not only is it super-cute (admit it, you can’t resist a kitty when you see one), but the fact that it actually holds your iPod or iPhone in is little dock as it charges your device. Not only this, once you are done charging your iDevice, you can wrap the cord around the little holder for safe and neat storage. You no longer have to deal with unsightly long charging cords hanging around your office.

The iCat & iMouse Case Holder For Apple Power Adaptor is a wonderfully handy device for people who are either cat lovers or sympathetic to the plight of the humble mouse. Both these types of cases come in a variety of colors – Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, and Pink. They are available for purchase at Infmetry for a price of $10 each.

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[Available at Infmetry] Via – Design-You-Trust