The Last Alert app helps you find your phone even after it dies

Our precious expensive iPhones have a way of disappearing, especially from the hands of our little kids. We have all had those scary moments when we can’t see our Apple iDevice around, and get into a state of panic. With the innovative new app Last Alert, we never have to worry about losing our iPhones, iPad, or iPods again, even if the battery is almost dead! Last Alert emits an audible tone letting you know your battery is dying. You can choose between three intervals- 20%, 10%, and 5%. In the event of a dying battery, the app will send an email to you with last known GPS coordinates. Moreover, the best feature of all, if you have Last Alert installed on a second iOS device, you can use the app’s built-in compass to literally, track your missing iPhone or iPod. It emits loud pings, which increase in frequency, as you get closer. Kind of like treasure hunting!

The Last Alert app may be one in a whole host of GPS apps, but how many of those can claim to be useful even when your phone is dead. This must-have app for any iOS device user is available for download from the App Store for $0.99.

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