The Mu Thermal Camera turns your Smartphone into a thermal camera

An environmentally conscious individual does everything in his or her power to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. To this regard, thermal cameras are important as they allow you to spot heating leaks and cooling losses around your structure. The only problem is that these cameras have been too expensive; until now! Check out the Mu Thermal Camera, which is this ingenious accessory that can convert your own Smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer into a thermal camera! It sees in the infrared spectrum of 7 to 14 micrometers which allows you to detect the temperature of most things in the range of -86 to 285 degrees F. The makers suggest so many uses for his DIY gadget like looking for overworked electrical circuits, checking the water heater and ductwork for energy leaks, identifying heating and cooling losses in your home and business, identifying poorly insulated areas and badly wired electrical outlets, identifying mold and moisture, and even finding lost pets in the dark! The camera is easily operated through your Smartphone’s touchscreen, and allows you to capture videos and images. You can even zoom into spots you want to examine further. It allows you to blend in the regular image with the thermal image to better understand what you are looking at. To use the attachment, just attach it to your device and download the accompanying app.

The Mu Thermal Camera is currently a project on Indiegogo looking to raise $200,000. You can get your very own Mu for a contribution of just $150.

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[Available at Indiegogo] Via Inhabitat

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