The Plug Outlet iPhone Case

With the millions of iPhones being sold all over the world, the only thing that can make you feel like your phone is different from the others would have to be its cover. If you are looking for a quirky, whimsical, and fun cover that stands out from the crowd, the Plug Outlet iPhone Case may be just the thing for you. Electrifying in all its glory (pun intended), this Smartphone case will fit your iPhone 4/4S, as well as the newer iPhone 5. The cover features a cool image of an everyday plug outlet. You only have to make sure no annoying kid mistakes it for the real thing and tries to stick a plug into your phone. The stylish iPhone covers are designed and printed in Etsy seller Moti Zemelman’s home studio. These original designs are permanently attached onto a thin aluminum insert on the back of the molded plastic case with the help of a unique printing technique. This insert is then heated to 400 degrees and permanently adhered to the plastic case. The custom-made case is of the snap-on variety, and comes with all the appropriate openings for the ports and holes.

The Plug Outlet iPhone Case comes in three versions – black, white and clear. The unique iPhone case retails for just $18.

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[Available at: Etsy]

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