The Textercuffs: Controls the texting addicts by immobilizing the thumb

We all have at least one of those annoying friends in our lives. The ones, who can’t stop texting no matter what – in class, at the dinner table, during a conversation, maybe even their own weddings! Short of cutting off their hands, how can you help these people? An innovative solution – the Textercuffs, was suggested by one rsmaudsley on Instructables. Basically, it uses a pair of handcuffs and a tennis ball to make what resembles something like a medieval torture device. He gives us detailed instructions on how to make the textercuff. You start by making a hole in the tennis (or any ball the size of a handcuff hole) ball. The hole should be big enough to hold your thumb. Place one side of the handcuffs on the wrist and put the other side of the handcuffs around the ball. Stick the thumb in the hole, and your hand is rendered unusable! Of course, this is only in terms of texting; otherwise, your hand is fully functional even with the device on.

The Textercuffs are a great gift to your text-aholic friend. However, we worry that they won’t stop long enough for you to get it onto them in the first place. You can head over to Istructables for the complete detailed instructions, or download the PDF.

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