The TinkerBrick Case turns your iDevice into a Lego block

With every new Smartphone comes a whole host of accessories you just have to have! What if you could build your own iPhone accessories, that too with your humble everyday Lego set? That is exactly what the TinkerBrick Case promises. This innovative cover is designed like a big flat Lego brick. This cover lets you attach your iPhone or iPod Touch to any Lego piece and build interactive toys, useful attachments, and much more. The front and back of the case are covered in the small studs and holes that are capable of interlocking with regular Lego blocks. What makes this cover really exciting is that there are endless possibilities to what you can accomplish. With a little imagination and time, you will be able to build all kinds of awesome accessories. The people over at TinkerBrick are encouraging their customers to come up with different ideas and designs of what they would do with their cover. Head on over to their site to check out some of the most innovative ideas, so that you get a clue about what you would like to do with yours. There are plans for everything from Steady-cam Project, Adjustable Stand to watch videos, and an XY Game Controller.

The TinkerBrick Case is currently only available for the iPod Touch (4th Gen), but the developer has announced that cases for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 will be coming soon. The case is available in four colors – Yellow, Red, Black and White. You can buy your at Amazon, or directly from TinkerBrick via PayPal. The cover retails for just $33.

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