This 3D Cartoon Mirror Crystal iPhone4/4S Case is a must-have accessory

Have you still not found the perfect iPhone case? If you are a cute, bubbly and whimsical girl, with just the smallest hidden streak of practicality, then maybe this one is for you. Or then maybe you just like cartoons; I mean you are just choosing an iPhone cover, not a life partner! Whatever your reasons might be, this 3D Cartoon Mirror Crystal iPhone4/4S Case is a really adorable accessory to have. This synthetic polymer case comes with a cute 3D cartoon character on the back. The case is adorned with handmade crystals, for just that perfect amount of bling. But it also has practical uses. Just move aside the head of the cartoon to reveal a hidden mirror. Which girl doesn’t carry a mirror with her all the time anyway? This way you won’t have to hunt around in your purse for a mirror when you see that cute boy heading to talk to you.

The 3D Cartoon Mirror Crystal iPhone4/4S Case comes in three colors – Magenta, White and Khaki. Besides the cartoon, there are other cute designs like Mouse, Dog, Boy, Princess, Pig and Big-haired girl. This must-have iPhone 4/4S cover retails for $23.

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[Available at iWowcase]

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