TinkerBrick Case lets you build Lego structures on your iPod


Lego is so cool that designers couldn’t resist making Lego inspired iPhone cases and docks. However, even those would seem menial in front of the TinkerBrick Case for the iPod. The unique case is a special Lego-compatible iPod Touch case that will allow you to integrate your iOS device into your Lego creations, much like a big Lego playground. The case is specially built to support your iOS gadget as a component of the Lego creations and not the other way round. The best example is that of a strummable Lego guitar, wherein the iPod Touch acts as the frets. All you need to do is built your little Lego monster, strap it onto the TinkerBrick and attach it to the fretboard and you’re going to be one cool guitarist! The options here are boundless. You could create different interactive creatures and gadgets with Lego accessories.

The TinkerBrick case is only compatible with the iPod Touch (4th generation) at the moment, but we’re hoping that it will release for other devices such as the iPhone and iPad. TinkerBrick case now sells on Amazon for $33 in colors of red, black, white and yellow versions.

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