Toshiba 906 Cell Phone is more of a Music Gizmo

Friends this latest cell phone from Toshiba eliminates the need to carry your iPods or MP3s every time your venture out. The Toshiba 906 is as good as a music player other than a communication device as well. Toshiba 906 ‘Music cellphone’ is not only lovely in shape but also integrates superb functions. It features a ‘Music Console’ so you can easily access music tracks. Just download the music files from your MP3 or PC to memory cards while the handset is folded. This clamshell cell phone features a 2.4 inch LCD display, 3.2 mega pixel digital camera, 40MB internal memory, music player, dedicated music keys, Bluetooth connectivity, miniSD card slot, supports on Java 2.0, WAP and USB 2.0 connectivity. A 0.8-inch OLED screen on the fascia displays the basic functions.

It supports WCDMA and tri-band GSM. The Toshiba 906 measures 97 x 49 x 20 mm and weighs 111 grams…..thinner and smaller than its predecessor Toshiba 809. Toshiba has initially launched it in “cherry red” and “Sakura white” colors! Toshiba 906 sells for 14,,200 Yuan ($1800)…sadly not in US yet.
(Toshiba 906 in comparision with Toshiba 809)


  1. steven ward says:

    i bought this phone for my wifes birthday and up to date cant get it to work.installed the sim card and it would not turn on,i think the battery is flat but cant see how as it was on charge since 5.00pm saturday evening and we tried it at 3.00 pm sunday afternoon.i havr it on charge but it wont light up.when i bought it they said the manual was understanble even though it was in chinese.but i cant work it out.i need a manual in english please and as soon as possible as i am in the shit as it is.