Your iPhone turns into a landline for a comfortable chatting experience

Even the most sophisticated technologies in the world come with their share of inconveniences. (one, if not many) Take for example the landline against the iPhone, wherein the former provides a more comfortable hold and stability while you’re chatting with your buddy. Landline phones could be a bit embarrassing to have in the time of cell phones, there is one that is going to make an exception for you. You could relive the landline phone era with this old world phone that turns your iPhone into a landline.

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The first advantage it provides is that of comfortably holding up a big, rough and tough phone to your ears. The other is that of operating your phone, looking up info, or playing a game while you’re talking. The $30 phone even plays music through its in-built speakers. This time you are going to be rather proud of owning the landline when your friend enquires where you bought it from.


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