EGGE Music Player is elliptically shaped

After writing about edible eggs in the last few days, we wanted to furthermore egg you up with this hottest, cutest EGGE. The EGGE is a new fashionable work of art and technology from Korea. Every girl is for sure going to love this cutely shaped gizmo and as its name suggests, it is the size of a small egg. The EGGE digital audio player comes with 512MB or 1GB memory, an FM radio, support for WMV and AVI movie files. The Korean player comes with a magnifying glass cover which will apparently make the 1-inch OLED display more readable. The only jutting trace from the smooth and pleasing design is the eye for the neck strap and a tiny catch for the USB cover. All other function keys are smartly included into the shape, with the navigation toggle joystick situated at the base.

Another neat little feature of the EGGE is that because it can be worn around your neck, you don’t have to twist it around to view the screen…simply press a button and the display flips over much to your ergonomic delight! Battery life is rated at approximately 10 hours. Though there is no word on pricing, word is that it is going to be released in October.

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