Jellyfish inspired Otokurage Earbuds by Elecom

Look what we have here…headphones inspired by the blobby appearance of jellyfish. Designed by Japanese studio nendo, Elecom’s new upcoming line of Otokurage earbuds are too cute to be true but hey! They are true and here to stay. Not just the appearance but the name too is inspired by the jellyfish as the name Otokurage is a combination of the words ‘oto’ which means sound, and ‘kurage’ means jellyfish. These large silicone ear buds completely envelope the earbuds, so you can only see headphone cord sticking out.

To stay true to the jellyfish effect the makers have packaged the Otokurage earbuds in miniature plastic water bottles, sans the water. I think these are only available in Japan. Buy them here.

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