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When it comes to Music (oh my God!!), I guess its time for us to try something new and forget iPod and the other contenders for a while. So why not KISS…..! ( they are the makers) The KS 2000 is a bean shaped MP3 player which packs good features in its sleek trendy design. With 512MB and 1GB versions, the player features LCD Display Color OLED (64*48 dot), built-in FM tuner, Broadcasting Recording, Voice Recording, Multi-language Menu and many more. Utilizing USB 2.0 interface, it supports both PCs and Mac systems. Support to file formats like MP3, WMA, ASF JPG, TXT and a variety of sound options (Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop, 3D, DBB, User1, User2) are also there. With its unique shape, the player is smooth and feels nice to you hands and sports mirror finish display like one of those NW series players from Sony. Weighing just 24g, the player comes complete with earphones, USB Cable, Music Friend CD, user manual, Warranty Card & Neck Strap.

The 512 MB version retails at $78 and the 1GB version at $116.
File Support MP3/WMA/ASF JPG/TXT
Memory Built-in 512MB and 1G
LCD Display Color OLED (64*48 dot)
PC Interface USB 2.0
Sound Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop, 3D, DBB, User1, User2
Special Features
Built-in FM tuner & Broadcasting Recording, Voice Recording, Multi-language Menu, etc.
Battery Lifetime
Built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable 3.7 V (~2 hrs charging for 15 hrs playback)
Dimension 32(L) x 47(H) x 17(T)mm
Weight ~ 24g (battery included)
Operating System
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and MAC OS (Over 9.0)
Accessories Earphone、USB Cable、Music Friend CD、User’s Manual,
Warranty Card & Neck Strap
Via – Musicgizmos

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