Limited Edition Beverly Hills 90210 is back…on your iPod Nano!

A die-hard 90210 fan would never let this opportunity slip put of his hands. If you are one of those million aficionados, then thank us galore for availing you with this as-important-as-my-life kinda dope. You can now pocket the original West Beverly gang. And to do so, you may want to get the limited edition 90210 engraved iPod Nano from the CBS store who are also distributing every 90210 season on DVD. It features Brandon, Kelly, Brenda, and Dylan in all their 1992 second season glory engraved on the back of the Nano. You can even engrave whatever you like, right from your love for the series or simply your name with them (you ain’t any less cooler than anyone). Take your pick from a beautiful black or stunning silver both of which are available in a 4GB or 8 GB capacity. Hope the love isn’t gone after you learn that they cost $219 and $269 respectively. Did I mention there are only 2000 of these made? Better hurry!