Phillips SHB6000/28 headphones…perfect companion for a Workout

Talk about annoying and I can give you a long list of things that cause this emotion to exist rather prominently in our daily regimen. Misplacing your phone as you leave for work, not finding the keys when needed, an ailing pet a day before you leave for a vacation, your computer crashed when you need to send the most important email ever and so on. But the start of your day can now be pleasant as there won’t be any annoying workouts or issues like your ear buds start falling out of place when you’re in the middle of an intense workout. Sweat can’t be avoided but you can now have constant company of music with headphones that won’t slip out no matter how high you jump. The Phillips SHB6000/28 have an angled acoustic pipe to direct the music direct to your eardrums but they are also wireless.

Bluetooth will pair to any supported device and the noise isolating buds create a concert-like experience. Priced at $150 I think they are worth it. No interruption during workouts is what we all dream of. This dream can be realized here for $150.