Pink ColorWare iPods is now available via Target

Pink electronics are a trend right now…and target is all about aesthetic trends. Most of the guys would just get the black one even if there was a whole rainbow of colors to pick from. Same goes for pink with a lot of ladies. We’re sure that all women will be drawn to it.Target is now selling pink iPods and iPod nanos through their online store. Target has contracted with ColorWare to produce the pink music players. They are selling the pink iPods for $80-$90 over retail—the store is offering 1GB ($230) and 2GB ($280) iPod nanos and 30GB ($390) and 60GB ($490) fifth-generation iPods. The pink iPods are available online only.

iPod nanos are available directly from ColorWare for $65 over retail, and 5G iPods for $75 over retail. Colorware, as you all may remember, is that company that custom colors all your favorite Apple products, along with other things like game consoles. Well now they’re going for the iPod nano too. Kind of pricey, but it’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. Had it been released in early February, it could have been promoted as the Happy Valentine’s Day iPod.

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