Pump up the volume with the Megaphone unique unpowered amplifier


Most amplifier docks for the iPhone and iPod touch that we have seen recently are powered. Italian design firm en&is is endeavoring to revise that trend with its new innovation of a unique unpowered amplifier that is shaped like a large, swooping ceramic horn. Well, factually speaking, this is an antique design concept for amplification used by our forefathers too, but the firm has made an attempt to re-employ the same concept with its latest innovation.The amplifier looks beautiful standing in an upright position on the hand-crafted wood stand and all you have to do is place your device at the top of the dock to hear some spunky music.

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But the only looming issue is the price range of $540 and $680 for the black & white and gold version respectively, which seems more than our monthly electricity bill. (You’d probably consider using a powered amplifier instead) But if you are looking at it as a possible gift option, then it definitely suits the rank.


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