Solar Visor AM/FM Speaker Radio could save our planet

Living green every day is what really counts. All the heroines may not be ready for a lifestyle directly plugged to the sun but there are ways to minimize the damage. So here is a gizmo you can indulge in and not feel blameworthy about misusing limited supply of power sources. This Light Weight Visor Radio combines protection with listening pleasure. The Solar Visor AM/FM Speaker Radio comes attached with a solar panel to power the fully-functional AM/FM radio and speaker. Even as the visor protects you from the sun, it also stores up energy for your audio needs. If doing the right thing is more important than sporting the “right” looks for you girlies, then Solar-Powered Visor Radio from Global Merchants is perfect for outdoor activities with your family and friends like picnics, camping, jogging, fishing, sun bathing or cycling.

It features an advanced IC AM/FM radio circuitry for crystal clear sound and high sensitive reception and weighs only 4 oz (100gms). So save your planet and stay cool while listening to the radio for just $26.50.

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