Sony NAS-D55HD HDD based audio system in pretty pink

Another product from the land of rising sun which will never make it to the west, the NAS-D55HD from Sony Japan a hard drive based audio system. The unit comprises of CD, Hard Drive and MD deck (seems it is still popular in Japan). You can rip the songs from the MD or CD and store it on the onboard hard drive, the largest a 250GB hard drive can hold upto 380 hours of music which includes just MP3 and ATRAC formats. You can connect your MP3 player via the USB slot and hook up the system to your home network via the Ethernet slot. The digital amplifier delivers an output of 26W×2ch.

Sony NAS-D55HD will go on sale in Japan from October 20 and will be available in 80GB and 250GB capacities in variety of colors white, black and pink. The top end 250GB version will sell for 120,000 Yen ($ 1055).

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