Steampunk Pocket Music Library MP3 player is undeniably charming

Let’s bring some steampunk in your life with this charming Steampunk Pocket Music Library MP3 player. Firstly, let me start by saying its rustic, old worldly look is irresistible. The gorgeous player with an antique finish features an FM radio receiver, video player, voice recorder, photo gallery, and can also store files. It can hold 8GB worth of songs which is a whole bunch for an on the go library. A tiny gauge monitors the power, while dual throttle pipes route extra gigabytes into the engine for a seamless performance. It’s easy to access the buttons on the brass case. The Portable Music Library is signed and dated by Will Rockwell and you should grab it while you can. I haven’t seen a cooler player in a long time. It’s available on Etsy for a steep price of $300.